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 The only time most people will ever open their hood, is when something goes wrong. Do you know how to tell how much tire life you have left? We explain how to tell the basics, saving you money now...and later. 

Not only do you get TONS of information about the automotive industry monthly from us, BUT, we also donate a portion of every subscription to various charities EVERY MONTH!


Whether it is to a Hospital for children, a soup kitchen or clothing distributor helping the poor, or a disaster relief fund... you can know that the money you spend with us, id doing more than just yourself, some good!


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  • Timely Info on Recalls
  • Access to deals on Auto related items
  • Honest opinions
  • ​Access to our monthly blog!
  • ​Knowledge that you have helped someone less fortunate, every month!

​​Before you find yourself opening your wallet at the shops, let us tell you how you can save money before you've even left the house!JUST $1 THE FIRST MONTH!

Our writers have years of experience in the automotive field, from selling parts, giving advice and also understanding the physical work required to service todays technologically advanced machines. We give you the locations of the best deals, understanding of OBD codes and what they mean, and we also detail new recalls on vehicles that YOU may be driving right now. PLUS, you get access to our monthly blog with honest opinion on everything in the car world today!

Worried that your car has a recall that hasn't been addressed yet? Not sure what recalls are all about or where to take your vehicle? We answer all of your questions and give you updates, once a month, on what vehicles have active recalls, and where to take them.

We skip the retail hoopla, and give you sound and honest advice. We have no bosses to answer to, and no quota to meet. Your satisfaction and our ability to help save you money, is how we are judged. From the performance-oriented, to the economic-minded, we have you covered!



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